Welcome to Granny Violet's

My aim is to create stories and eventually video content that

entertains and educates young children. Quality content that

the busy teacher or parent can put on to entertain children

without feeling guilty.


Hello, I’m Granny Violet

As a teacher, I have had the opportunity to teach in many different schools with many different types of children. These include inner-city schools and schools for children with special needs. Although my specialism is primarily as an early years teacher, I have also taught children with autism and some lovely children with multiple and profound learning and physical disabilities, as well as young children with severe behavioural and emotional trauma. In the past, I have been an advisory teacher for both Warwickshire and Coventry.

My first book, Huntly the Hedghehog, has been used in the classroom many times to educate and entertain. It appeals to reluctant readers because its a little bit gross! Huntly is a hedgehog, not a person, and he does hedgehog things, like eat slimy slugs!

As a teacher, I know how important it is to keep your little ones entertained while encouraging them to learn! A child’s mind is like a sponge for new information – but keeping them engaged and having fun is the part that I love most.

To help your favourite little people understand and embrace the books I write, I have created a YouTube channel where I sit in my cosy corner and bring stories to life! So, whether you’re reading along with your own copy, or just taking a breather from the busy life of a parent, or you’re a teacher who needs some inspiration for your lessons, Head over to my YouTube channel today!

Tina the dog

Another friendly face you’ll see very often on my YouTube channel is Tina!

Tina is my lovely little dog and she is a mixed breed Shitzu. She came to join our family in June 2018 at about 2 years old. We don’t know anything about her background other than she had already had some puppies back home in Romania, where we rescued her from with the help of a charity. She is my first dog ever and is lovely, but she can be quite naughty – especially when she’s ripping up tissues! She’ll spend most of her time in her cosy little bed and you may even catch her snoring!

Tina the dog, woof woof!

Huntly the Hedgehog!

One day a teacher needed a story about a hedgehog. She could not find one that met her or her pupils needs so she wrote this one. This book has been created to help children from birth to six years old develop a love of reading and stories.

Coming Soon…

As well as reading you some different exciting stories, I will be uploading content that covers pre-reading skills, pre-writing skills and early years maths and phonics.

I will be aiming to do activities that parents can do at home using things you already own to help keep you and your little ones entertained while learning!